Node is better


I don’t know how many out there remember how it was to do serious web apps before Node, but it was not great.

There are many big problems with Node, and those of us who have done a lot of Javascript because we in general like it, know it better than most.

But, before Node, we did not have a real development enivornment, like in most other languages. There was no real “test runners” or package management systems.

What you did was that you had a bunch of JavaScript files, maybe you had some git submodules for the third party stuff, and either some script or symlink thing that put it into place.

This was the same era as when RequireJS was the most advanced way to deal with depenencies. It was basically just a function you passed a list of files into, and told it to load them before running a callback that was your code.

I remember more than once getting into situations where things you really fucked up if jQuery plugin C loaded before B, because they wrote to some of the same global namespace.

Node is not perfect, but a lot better than things were before it, and it is also getting better.