Surviving with two USB-C ports


I started out with the idea that everything should be USB-C, when I first got my MacBook escape. But that is not working as long as you can’t get any C hubs.

What I have ended up with is a USB-C monitor, some chargers, a USB-C to A hub with four ports, some adapters and some very few USB-C versions of what I have for USB-A.

Having just two ports works, but I think it is far from ideal. And the minimum going forward should be 3 or 4; ideally way more.

The problem with USB-C is that you have USB-C and you have thunderbolt 3 both of them use the same plug but are very different.

The number of thunderbolt plugs you can have are a limit on the motherboard or logic board. And the number of USB ports are more or less without limits. But the latter have less features.

I think Apple should find some way to tell what is what and just have a lot of them on their Pro laptops. But it isn’t ideal.