A new Kindle Paperwhite


My story with Kindle’s and e-book reading starts with my first modern smart phone. I got a HTC Hero back in 2010, and then I also got a iPod Touch a few months later.

I started to read some e-books on them, and then around when the first iPad came out I ordered a Kindle 3. It’s the last one with a keyboard on it. And I used that until late 2012 when I bought the first Kindle Paperwhite.

That one died a few years later, and I replaced it with a iPad mini. And when that died I didn’t replace it.

Some time after I didn’t have a dedicated e-book reader my e-book reading went way down. So this year I decided to finally get one again.

I went for the cheapest model, the Paperwhite. It is great, the reading experience is awesome, the side lights are great when you read in the dark.

The general feel of the UI is still klunky and slow though. And the process of setting up a new Kindle isn’t great. It comes paired with your Amazon account, but it still takes forever to download the books and all of that.

Anyways. It is a great device, and I recommend having a dedicated device if you want to read more e-books.