CleanMyMac 3

April 08, 2015

CleanMyMac 3 is out. There are a lot of terrible “cleaning” utilities out there. CleanMyMac is the only good one I have found. I have used version 1, and are using version 2, and I will be upgrading to version 3 in a few days.

They have added some maintainance features, like permission repair, and extended the stuff they can clean.

CMM is a must for anyone with a small SSD. The price is $39.99, with %50 discount this week, and a permanent %50 off upgrade price.

Go and get it!


512 Pixels

April 07, 2015

Stephen Hackett:

My Relay FM co-founder Myke Hurley bought a 6 Plus back in the fall, and ever since, has praised the device for its superior screen, camera and battery life. It replaced his iPad mini and iPhone 5S both in one fell swoop. He’s been badgering me and many others for months about the superiority of the iPhone 6 Plus. I was excited to see if he was off his rocker or not.

Excellent article about the 6 Plus. I’m not sure, if I want a bigger iPhone, and I’m not sure if I’m going for the regular or the Plus, if I want one.


The last episode of Pragmatic.

April 07, 2015

Pragmatic ended, with episode 63. I listened to it last night, and the last episode, reminded me of the last episode of Hypercritical.

Thanks John, for giving us a great and different podcasts that focuses on keeping the facts straight.


Desk PM — The Brooks Review

April 06, 2015

Ben Brooks:

And I think Desk is the right choice for people wanting to do basic blogging.

Desk looks really good, it’s not for me though, for many reasons. The main one is that I use Jekyll, and I prefer to just use home made command line tools, plus a basic text editor to manage my site.

Desk is the thing for everyone that just want something basic; except for Squarespace users; since they don’t have a API yet.



April 06, 2015

I haven’t had the time to look at Launcher yet. But this post is a good one if you need some tips to get started.


My life with iPad

April 06, 2015

Jim don’t write that many long form pieces, but I always love them. This one is about the iPad, it is fantastic, and you should read it.

I have a long and difficult relationship with it. I can use my iPad for almost everything. Except for software development and photography.

I use my Mac for almost everything, it is easier. But I always bring my iPad everywhere. I use it to read pdf’s and e-books, and I use it to play games and read RSS; for example when my iPhone runs out of battery.

My only dissapointment with the iPad is at the software side. And all of it is because of Apple. They have never delivered a iOS version for the iPad that doesn’t feel like a streched out iPhone OS.

Anyways. I love the iPad, even though I never thought it had such a big place in my day to day computing life.


My Growth as a Writer –

April 06, 2015

Harry Marks:

Reading is everything. It’s almost more important than the actual writing. I absorb the books I read and in turn churn my stories in my mind to thicken them up. To make them richer. And I don’t just read the literary powerhouses to enrich my writing. I read genre novels to observe pacing and romance and action. I read bad books to know what not to do. I read award winners, award losers, and books that wouldn’t be allowed within 50 feet of an awards stage.

A fantastic post. There are three thing I focus on in my writing.

  1. Reading as much as possible

  2. Writing more and better, by writing more, and by focusing more and more on editing.

  3. Taking one step at a time.


The New Trackpad — MacSparky

April 06, 2015

David Sparks:

That’s right. The new Force Touch trackpad stumped me. It turned me into that old guy that doesn’t believe something is new. We then turned off the MacBook and I clicked it. Sure enough, nothing happened. The fancy magnets and unicorn tears they put inside the new trackpad absolutely makes it feel like you’re clicking.



April 02, 2015

Haha. This is awesome, just awesome.