Wiki update

31.05.2020 13:46

Just updated my wiki.

  • Added a section for my GitHub sponsors
  • Added a section for food and wrote about my sausage toppings
  • Added a section for when I take notes while watching a movie or TV show.


29.05.2020 09:44

Wiki updates

24.05.2020 15:41

Some recent changes to my wiki. Haven’t done it in a while, because I didn’t have the time.

  • New articles
    • X-Pro 2
    • Minimalism
    • Pens I no longer use
    • Inks I have used
    • Bad paper
    • Paper
  • New section about Tmux2 WIP


22.05.2020 19:45


16.05.2020 09:14


08.05.2020 19:12

Wiki updates

03.05.2020 18:05

Not a lot of changes to the wiki this week:

  • Moved two items from articles to programming
  • Two new articles on ordering with intention and digital hoarding


01.05.2020 08:35

Wiki updates

26.04.2020 20:55

Just posted some updates to by wiki.

Here is a summary:

  • Added an arcitle about a golang trick that took me forever to figure out
  • Added some notes on coffee gear
  • Added a pice on env variables
  • Played around with literate programming in org-mode
  • Added a “journal” about my iOS homescreen
  • Added a OSX trick when emacs can’t read some folders
  • Updated about me
  • Added two emacs acticles: helm and ivy and why I don’t use deft
  • Fixed a link styling issue


24.04.2020 15:53