17.01.2020 20:35

Stickers on my MacBook

14.01.2020 04:44

The current sticker situation of my MacBook Escape

The year of the wiki

12.01.2020 08:06

I have spent the wiki re-organizing my wiki, and adding some features and fixing some bugs I introduced this weekend. Also updated some stuff. All of it have been on my list of a while. The next thing will be to go through everything and update it.

My main focus moving forward will be my wiki, and most of my writing will be there and not this blog. The reason is that I’m less and less interested in the single timeline a blog has. Instead I’m more and more interested in adding small pages in nester hierarchies, nested together with tags. Some of it will be kept up to date, while others will not.

Something I feel about blogging in 2020 is that the main focus is “now”, while the whole body of work is much more hidden, and most of us spend little time looking at the body of posts. A large part of this is a design problem. Something I am trying to do something different with on my wiki.


11.01.2020 10:56

Doing something unheard of

10.01.2020 04:55

I have my wiki and I have this site. One thing I will do in 2020 is to go through everything on my site and delete everything I don’t want to have on it anymore. And I will move everything that have some “evergreen” quality to it to my wiki.

A thing I want my wiki to become is this huge combination of stuff connected together by tabs.


08.01.2020 18:52

I have a long and very difficult relationship to e-mail. The short version is that I hate it. In some periods I work hard on unsubscribing from stuff and when the volume goes down to below a certain level I stop doing that. And then about a year later it have once gotten back to a level where I’m screaming.

The sad part is that it is not even close to the horror I deal with at work. And I have like 20 or 30 rules in Outlook to filter out anything I don’t want to see.

Last week I started the process of unsubscribing once again. The way I do that is that once a week I unsubscribe from 10 newsletters. And I usually continue it until it becomes difficult to find stuff to unsubscribe from.

2019 and 2020

05.01.2020 08:05

Everyone is probably beyond sick of this kind of blog posts by now, so I’ll just do a shjort listicle. Funny word. Listicle. I always think it looks like a mix of list and testicle.

Last Year

  • I started doing yoga, and decided that getting into Yoga would be my main focus in 2019. Didn’t step on a weight or do any other workout than yoga and walking the dogs.
  • We got a second dog.
  • I decided to give up on Clojure because it is too much bullshit you have to deal with in the tooling.
  • I started to look for my new language for hobby projects: Haskell, F#, some other lisps, Rust, Swift, Ruby and some others I can’t remember. And I decided to go with Golang
  • I got a drivers license
  • I stopped listening to podcasts for a few months. Then I started to listen to some. Curretnly six and half of them are Dan Carlin podcasts to there might be three episodes a year, and the rest are not high volume at all. Not going to get back into Apple Tech podcasting.
  • Mostly listened to Hiphop in the second half of 2019.

This Year

  • We’re expecting our first kid in the end of January.
  • I will not consider changing job, unless something very unexpected happens
  • My main focus health wise last year was getting into Yoga. This year it will be to continue that and focus on loosing weight.
  • And the process of getting a drivers license and buying baby stuff have deleted all our money and so on. So a focus this year will be to paying down as much debt as possible and get some savings again.


03.01.2020 18:14

Here are some likes that I have collected since the last time. Not sharing all at once though. Decided on 44 per round because that was the number of items showed per side on Instapaper when I did some hacks DOM hacking for clearing the likes

Uploaded some photos

01.01.2020 20:01

I’ve been importing photos shot over the last month or so today. Just uploaded them to Flickr

Infinite refactoring

01.01.2020 18:23

When I work on code, especially for fun I often find myself in this inifinite refactoring loop.

You start writing some code and you end up having for example a two API endpoints and then you find a much cleaner way to organize things and then you apply that to all your code. And then you continue, and the same thing happens over and over and over.

I think it is a good thing. And I think it is a skill that should be valued. Or maybe it is a habit.

But you need to ship stuff.

What I usually do, both at home and at work is that I apply new patterns and stuff as I work on things. And then I do larger let’s make it awesome intervals now and then. At work I do it on improvement fridays and at for hobby projects I do it when I kind of have completed what I was working on before I figure out what to do next.